Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fat Quarter Apron Sort-of Tutorial?

I am so freaking bad at sewing.
Really though.
All I wanted to do was make an apron.
After staying up way too late, all I got was this:

So I went to bed, feeling like a rotten apple.
A rotten apple that fell from a tree that can sew really, really well.
The next day, I was looking through some fabric and found a few fat quarter squares and thought:
"Hey! That would make a great half apron!"
So I present to you the:
Most of you can probably make this in 10 minutes, but having no pattern or idea what I was doing, this number took me like an hour. I call this a sort-of tutorial because I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, so hopefully You can understand what I'm trying to say...
You will need:
One Fat Quarter piece of fabric (18"x 21")
Two 4"x 23" strips of fabric
Two 4" x 46" strips of fabric
Iron the long sides of your fat quarter square in about 1/2" and sew
(so that the edges are not rough)
Next, iron your strips of fabric in half, then iron each side in about 1/4"
With the right sides facing together, sew one end of a long fabric strip to one end of a short fabric strip.
Sew the other long fabric strip to the other end of the same short strip
You should have one mega-long strip like this:
(This is the part where I wish I had pictures...)
Place the top of your fat quarter in the middle crease of the short strip and fold it over
Fold the rest of the mega-strip over and pin
Place the bottom of your fat quarter in the middle crease of the other short strip and fold it over and pin down.
Stitch everything down.
Did that make sense?

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